About me

Hi! I'm a web developer. I specialize in front end and javascript in particular. I wasn't always been a programmer but ever since I was kid I love doing things on the computer.

Well, still now I spend most of my time doing stuff in front of a computer, bashing command lines on the terminal, playing on linux, studying new web technologies and frameworks. I tend to to write and code for long hours, because I like the sound of my own fingers tapping keys. But most of all I'm on a path to master JavaScript and become a full stack web developer in the near future.

About this website

This is a place where I record my thoughts and discoveries which are more or less related to programming, gundams and stuff that I like.

This website was built with Wordpress(Custom Theme). Right now, I'm still improving this site, but I'm still busy from all the projects I've been receiving lately. So thank you for dropping by and understanding.



If you ever need a website, I would be glad to build it !

Just say the Word, and I'll do the rest

Why choose me


Responsive Design

I can make your website responsive and look great on touch devices.

Parallax Effect

Create memorable pages with smooth parallax effects that everyone loves.


Need a content management system? to manage your blogs, gallery, portfolio or etc.


Get in touch

I am accepting new projects

I'm currently available if you ever need a website, wether if it's for your restaurant, resort, gallery, shop, portfolio or even for your shenanigans; I'm the man you need

I'm also available if you ever need fixing or extra hourly work in developing websites. Just message me using the contact form there, and I'll reply as fast as I can.

And if you ever got an urge to ask me a question don't be shy to drop a message. I'll be willing to respond right away. Thanks.


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